OPLENIC is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, design and manufacture of “Optical- Mechanical-Software- Electronic”. It specializes in components related to optical microscopes, and undertakes various types of difficult optical design, mechanical design, optical parts manufacturing, and ultra-precision. Machining, software development business; we have independent optical cold processing, precision machining, electronic patch and electronic packaging ability; provide parts and software system services for the domestic and international microscope fields. The product line covers optical components, lenses, mechanical and electronic components, software systems and other components, including: eyepieces, objectives, tube lens, condensers, objective turrets, stages, reflected light / fluorescent lighting, slides clips, LED Light source (LED module, LED shadowless ring, backlight, high-power LED light box, multi-channel long-life fluorescent light), light pipe, camera and image module (SDK available), excitation cubes, filters , color temperature filters, polarizer, PH ring, dark field ring, bright field reflector, DIC, focusing, prism beam splitting system, electronic constant temperature hot stage, software system......, and can provide OEM production and storage Logistics distribution management services. The company's BUSINESS SLOGAN: production of good products, good customer service! The company's business philosophy: production of good products, good customer service!

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