Company Benefits

Every qualified employee working in the company will receive the following basic benefits:

1. Paid annual leave

Generous paid leave includes 10-20 days of vacation time, 3 days of sick leave or personal leave time and 5 days of paid leave in the first year. In addition, employees who perform well can enjoy additional travel holiday rewards when needed.

2. Health benefits

Employees can enjoy the fitness subsidy opportunities provided by the company, including gym members less than 2,000 yuan per year, reimbursement for fitness courses or various on-site health sports activities. The companies that have received the ranking and awards also have corresponding rewards.

3. Education support

The company's talent training plan supports the continuous development of the personal career of outstanding employees. Through regular education and training and spare time refresher education, the company's professional competitiveness is strengthened. Specific support and reimbursement amounts are determined according to the completion of performance to accelerate talent training.

4. Collective activities

Regular employee social activities include: outdoor group activities such as garden climbing, barbecue sketching, games, and annual gatherings and parties.

5. Humanized working hours

Non-sales staff enjoy the 955 super-standard double rest working hours, and sales staff with specific performance as the evaluation standard can flexibly control the time from get off work to departure on the premise of achieving performance.

6. Performance bonus

The team-based performance bonus system is a test of the teamwork ability of each dedicated employee and is also an additional reward. You must ensure that you are good enough to be accepted by a good team.


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Annual Conference Draw