The microscopic imaging optical design applied to the microscope is different from the design of other macroscopic optical systems, and the design theory applied is closely related to the actual processing level and the subsequent assembly process. The optical design team of OPLENIC has the top design capability of the microscope industry and more than 20 years of practical experience. Using the most advanced optical design software in the industry, it can not only calculate the successful optical model that most designers expect. It is also possible to simulate failure models caused by various objective conditions, thereby significantly reducing development costs, shortening the development cycle, and increasing the development success rate. The optical design not only provides complete optical design drawings, but also provides process drawings and assembly drawings, from the selection and inspection of optical materials to the complete process design and deployment of the entire production process. Specializes in design projects: eyepieces, objective lenses, zoom body, tube lens, adapter, etc. of imaging optical systems; light engine, optical axes, condenser, compound eyes lens, laser lenses, etc. for illumination optical systems.

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