Microscopes and related optical imaging products based on microscopes are inseparable from excellent mechanical design. Mechanical design in traditional industries usually does not consider the use of materials science and ergonomics. Precision machining and precision assembly require a certain level of technology. Due to equipment accuracy and other issues, the over-and-out of individual components can lead to system error and is difficult to eliminate. This is the most common product defect, which is attributed to the gap between theory and practice, therefore, such micro-mechanical products have very high requirements for the comprehensive ability of design and processing, which is the main reason why ordinary enterprises are not qualified for systematic design and mass production of optical microscopes. The mechanical design team of HANGZHOU CHROMA OPTRONICS CO.,LTD. has the top design capability of the microscope industry and more than 20 years of practical experience. Using the most advanced mechanical design modeling software in the industry, it can not only calculate the successful machinery expected by most designers. The model can also simulate the failure model caused by various objective processing conditions, and give optimization guidance corresponding to different structures, thereby greatly improving the development success rate. Our company undertakes all kinds of difficult and precise mechanical design business. The conventional design products include: objective nosepiece, observation tube, sliding module, condenser, illumination light path, X-Y moving stage, slide holder, focusing assembly, lifting group, lamp housing, cantilever , chambers and other types of precision mechanical parts and components.

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