From the traditional cold optical processing to the modern smart optical processing, and consistently following the lean production concept, HANGZHOU CHROMA OPTRONICS CO.,LTD. has completed a number of major scientific and technological achievements in conjunction with the industry's top equipment manufacturers and national key laboratories. The degree of automation of automated and semi-automated production lines ranks in the forefront of the industry. The general optical workshop realizes 10,000-level purification, and the precision optical workshop realizes portion 100-level purification. It has been detected that online quality inspections have been carried out. From the past sampling inspections to the current full inspections, the quality of production has increased significantly, and the growth rate of production capacity has become more noticeable. The intelligent micro-manipulation arm with deep learning ability can realize high-speed, accurate and repeatable high-pass quasi-difficult assembly, no longer rely on the traditional craftsmanship to rely on the experience of the master, overcome artificial hand shake, dazzle, fatigue, Various factors such as temperature and humidity fluctuations lead to human error factors, and product consistency and reliability have a qualitative leap.

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