The mechanical design work only accounts for 30% of the product's completion, and 70% of the journey to the final product. The mechanical design not only needs to consider the functionality, but also has the convenience of processing, assembly convenience, and structural reliability. And many other comprehensive indicators. HANGZHOU CHROMA OPTRONICS CO.,LTD.  has the ability to process precision parts with high precision, high requirements, difficult materials and special applications. Starting from raw materials, the parts are skilled in various heat treatment, stress relieving, forging and passivation processes of materials science, and cooperate with high-precision imported five-axis CNC machining centers of various grades to select the optimal tool plan for different rigid materials. With high precision requirements, the drill cutter can be replaced every 30 minutes to ensure that the part error is controllable. The processing process strictly controls the bumping, falling and missing processes. After the surface treatment, it will be subjected to a series of standard processes such as ultrasonic water removal, oil removal and drying. Specially good at all kinds of precision matching, precision assembly design and processing assembly, the error can be controlled from 1um to 5um, all based on the three coordinates (equipment theoretical accuracy of 0.7~1.2um) measurement data.

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